Shattered Beginnings

Can I be the person who shows him that he’s not broken? And can he do the same for me?

Shattered Beginnings

Branch McGuire

Hot, arrogant and life of the party …

I easily transitioned from high school jock to egotistical playboy. And when the chance to leave Blue Ridge presented itself, I signed on, dropping everything without so much as a second thought.

Settling into the lifestyle of a professional athlete, I indulge in the pleasures of my high-profile status. The only nod to my roots is my annual trip for a celebrity spotlight fix, but when I receive a call that forces an impromptu return home, everything I left behind comes barreling to the surface.

Ragan Prescott

Determined, resilient and born of a drug addict …

From the outside, my life was that of a free-spirited girl who grew up in a normal household, yet nothing normal happened behind the doors of a house I came to hate.

Breaking away from the family dysfunction, I embark upon the life I’ve always wanted in Blue Ridge. But when I fall prey to the charms of a silver-tongued devil, it becomes a life I have to escape.

Will a small town hero be my only chance at survival? Will my broken soul mend his?

Can our Shattered Beginnings become the fragile pieces from which love is made?

No Longer Broken Duet: Shattered Beginnings

His public persona indicates that he’s a player for life, but what happens when he meets the one who makes him want to stop playing?

Shattered Beginnings

"Holy hotness! Branch McGuire is what dreams are made of!!"

Shattered Beginnings

"I wanted to scream, cry, and hug them all at the same time for everything they have gone through."

"I started this book last night at 10:00 PM and finished this morning at 4:50 AM…I just couldn’t put it down!”

Shattered Beginnings

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